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Hello Tenaya Family,

I am so excited to have the honor to be the principal here at Tenaya. I was able to spend time at Tenaya this past week and meet many students and the staff. I was able to speak with parents, students, and staff and learned that student safety is a big concern for many. I was also able to observe the campus routines to look for any safety issues and if district safety guidelines are being followed. I noticed that our districts visitor policy was not being followed or enforced. I observed parents and other visitors on campus pass the office and they did not have a visitors’ badge and had not even checked into the office. Student safety is my number one priority to ensure because without a safe and secure campus high quality learning can’t take place. From now on all visitors to campus must follow the district visitor’s policy. All visitors are required to check in at the office and not go back into the campus, this includes all parents, community members and even district employees who are visitors to our campus. No parents or any other visitors are allowed pass the office unless you have checked into office and received a visitors’ badge. This includes before school starts. If you have any kind of appointment on campus you must first check into the office. Parents are welcome to come to the office to get support with what they need. I appreciate your understanding and support in helping us keep our campus safe and secure.

Being tomorrow is Valentine’s day and we encourage that items such as ballons, stuffed toys, and other things not be delivered to school. If they are they need to be delivered to the office and can be picked up by students after school.

I stronly believe that to have a successful high performing school there must be strong partnership between the school and parents. I look forward to my partnership with you and the Tenaya staff in support of your childrens education.

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