Tenaya Middle School
Address: 1239 W. Mesa Ave. Fresno, CA 93711
Main Office: (559) 451-4570
Fax: (559) 451-4587

​​​​​Questions or need to speak to staff in our front office, please call (559) 451-4570

Ryan Duff – ryan.duff@fresnounified.org 

Vice Principal
Angie Maxon – angie.maxon@fresnounified.org

Vice Principal​
Brandy Vollhardt – brandy.vollhardt@fresnounified.org

Guidance Learning Advisor
Megan Escoto -​ Megan.Escoto@fresnounified.org

7th Grade Academic Counselor
Elizabeth Moya – elizabeth.moya@fresnounified.org

8th Grade Academic Counselor
Eric Vang – eric.vang@fresnounified.org 

Transition Counselor

Jania Walker – janai.walker@fresnounified.org

Home School Liaison

Maria Arangure – maria.arangure@fresnounified.org

Office Manager
Ashley Darman – ashley.darman@fresnounified.org

Cecilia Delacerda – cecilia.delacerda@fresnounified.org

​Office Assistant
Carrie Palmer – carrie.palmer@fresnounified.org

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